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    programmer per hour under Web Designing   |  16769 views

    You don't always need to depend on online favicon designers to create a good favicon for your website. If website is an identity for you or your business, favicon or favorites icon or shortcut icon is an identity for your website. A favicon represents your website in almost all web 2.0 integrations and posts. 

    programmer per hour under Web Designing   |  10024 views

    The TechWorld is now traversing from HTML 4 to HTML 5 using great features and advantages of the later, but still a major share of web still relies on the former version to keep compatibility and to meet with greater number of incompatible of browsers still in use. HTML5/CSS3 is greatly picked by web enthusiasts and web designing companies, but yet not reached the commercial production in larger scale.

    programmer per hour under Google AppEngine   |  8496 views

    With App Engine, we can build web applications using the Python/Java programming language, and  our application runs on Google's scalable infrastructure, and uses large-scale persistent storage and services. The Python Runtime Environment App Engine includes a simple web application framework, called webapp, to make it easy to get started.App Engine supports Python 2.5. Our app take advantage of the many libraries, tools and frameworks for Python. The Development Environment We can develop and upload Python applications for Google App Engine using the App Engine Python software development kit (SDK).

    programmer per hour under Google AppEngine   |  9915 views

    MapReduce is a patented software framework introduced by Google to support distributed computing on large data sets on cluster of computers. The framework is inspired by the map and reduce functions in functional programming, although their purpose in the MapReduce framework is not the same as their original forms.

    programmer per hour under Google AppEngine   |  14641 views

    Google App Engine provides a Blobstore API that allows our app to serve 'Blobs' that are much larger in size say between 1 mb and 2 gb.Blobs are created by uploading a file through an HTTP request using a html form .When the form is submitted, the Google App Engine Blobstore creates a blob from the uploaded file returning the blob key that can be used to process the blob

    programmer per hour under Visual Basic .NET   |  19184 views

    A sitemap is a list of pages available on a website. This was used to help visitors to provide an overall navigation of the website, but now sitemaps are mainly used for listing pages and their updates to search engines. Sitemaps are no more in HTML format, but in plain text format or commonly HTML.

    programmer per hour under Visual Basic .NET   |  52882 views

    This article explains another technique in Web Scraping, which has been an important function of search engine crawling - extraction of all links for any given URL. This is quite a simple procedure, especially when done using Regular Expressions. The HTML content from any given url is downloaded as a string, and all occurences of hyperlinks are extracted from it.

    programmer per hour under C#.NET   |  28800 views

    Web Scraping or Web Data extraction is a software technique for extracting information from web pages. There are different types of web scraping, and a most common one is the web crawling done by search engines. The text content of the website will be extracted from web pages, and will be indexed for searching. This article explains a simple method of extracting text content using C# and Regular Expressions.

    programmer per hour under C#.NET   |  25385 views

    Uploading of images and resizing (scaling) of them is a very common utility application. Various applications for this function are - Photo thumbnails, profile photos, stock photograph images like Flickr, etc. The System.Drawing namespace provides a built-in thumbnail creation function, but here is a code snippet to resize images preserving its original aspect ratio, maintaining high quality, and limiting the image sizes within prescribed maximum values.

    programmer per hour under ASP.NET   |  52056 views

    A shopping cart application would require to display the products in a multicolumn grid, rather than a straight down list or a table. The each item in a product grid would have a product photo thumbnail, name of the product, price (optional), as well as additional metadata like reviews, ratings, etc. This articles explains how to set up a product grid using ASP.NET ListView control and floating DIVs.

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