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    A shopping cart application would require to display the products in a multicolumn grid, rather than a straight down list or a table. The each item in a product grid would have a product photo thumbnail, name of the product, price (optional), as well as additional metadata like reviews, ratings, etc. This articles explains how to set up a product grid using ASP.NET ListView control and floating DIVs.

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    This articles explains how to use the ASP.NET Membership and Roles features to control various parts of the page according the logged in user. By using these features, we can create templates for anonymous users, logged-in users, role-based templates, and also login and online status. Most simple case would be to display Login link when no user is logged in, and the same would turn as Logout link when a user is logged on from that browser.

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    Sending out emails is a common requirement in every web application. This could range from a simple Contact Us form, to daily digest email to all subscribers. In ASP.NET, System.Net.Mail namespace provides all necessary functions of sending emails. In earlier versions of .NET, System.Web.Mail, but the new namespace provides extensive and powerful interfaces for sending out emails than the older alternative.

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    The most common way to insert the image into the HTML Body of the email using IMG elements with SRC attribute set to an image uploaded on your website or any internet source. This works fine with all online webmails like yahoo, or gmail, or even on your Outlook when you are connected to internet. Due to security issues, such images will get blocked on the webmails or Outlook unless you authorize the image to be displayed. There is another method, which lets you embed images into the email content as an embedded resource, and this image would never gets blocked on webmail or email client.

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    When you want to save logs on your website for any events like visits, errors, etc., it would be good if you add the browser name also. In case of errors, this information will do great for you, because client-side script errors and malfunctions might be browser dependant, and you would have to really debug them on those browsers in some cases.

    programmer per hour under ASP.NET   |  16093 views

    This article explains how to add a graphic visitor counter to your website by adding a simple ASPX webpage with few lines of programming. You'll no more be required to add a third party free graphic counter utilities for your ASP.NET web site.

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