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    News: Google drops search portals for Linux and Mac

    THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011 | techworld Bookmark and Share

    Fans of Linux, Microsoft and Macs used to be able to search for information about those topics on Google using specialized search tools that narrowed the results to a focused set of highly relevant Web sites.

    Earlier this week, however, it was discovered that Google has pulled the plug on many such specialized search portals--including Google.com/linux, Google.com/microsoft, Google.com/mac and Google.com/bsd--redirecting users to Google.com/webhp instead.

    Also eliminated by Google were Google.com/unclesam and USGov.Google.com for government-specific information searches.

    "We are no longer offering specialized search services at google.com/linux, google.com/microsoft, google.com/bsd, google.com/mac, google.com/about and google.com/unclesam," Google confirmed in a statement provided to Search Engine Roundtable.

    "These services were established many years ago to offer search across a limited index of the Web, which in the past was a better way to find this information. For example, google.com/linux was designed to help people find information from message boards and blogs about the Linux operating system," Google explained.


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