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    News: RIM CEOs defend problematic PlayBook launch

    FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 | cnet Bookmark and Share


    The Co-CEOs of Research In Motion (RIM)don't seem to have any regrets about how the launch of its PlayBook was handled.

    Which is rather interesting because, well, no one would say it went very smoothly.On the conference call after today's disappointing earnings announcement, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis gave long-winded, meandering, and some

    times confusing answers as to why they wouldn't do anything different in the way the company presented, launched, and raised expectations of its first go at a touch-screen tablet.

    To be clear, RIM said today it has shipped "approximately" 500,000 PlayBooks since April 19. That means it sold even less than that. And since last fall when it introduced the PlayBook, the company has repeatedly underscored how its take on the tablet would launch it to the head of its class of competitors. The marketing campaign for the PlayBook that rolled out earlier this year declared rather boldly that "amateur hour is over."

    And RIM potentially confused the heck out of its future customers (and its developers) by announcing several updates to the PlayBook product in the months between introducing it September and putting it in retailers' hands in April, including the QNX software-based tablet's ability to play Android apps, and a future model with 4G connectivity.

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