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    News: Photo apps finding plenty of competition from unlikely sources

    FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 | news.yahoo Bookmark and Share

    Being the developer of a photo app for the iPhone has never been a particular easy fate. So much competition exists within the App Store it can be hard to stand out. But I suspect that developers from Instagram, Hipstamatic, Photogram, and others never expected to find competition from outside of the App Store.

    But that’s exactly what’s happened over the past few weeks. First, Apple unveiled its iOS 5 with enhanced photo editing features, making the need for stand-alone photo editing apps just slightly less necessary.

    But if that wasn’t bad enough, this week has seen the rise of a rumored “secret” Facebook app that promises to combine elements of numerous photo-sharing apps either under the umbrella of a whole new separate Facebook photo app, or within an updated version of the current Facebook app, that pretty much anyone with an iPhone has already downloaded.

    News of the new photo-friendly Facebook app has picked up considerable steam over at TechCrunch, where they’re sharing pictures that suggest an easier ability to share and tag photos, territory that previously belonged to apps like Instagram, at least in the mobile world.

    But it’s not co-opting of features like easier tagging that should worry rival developers. Before the Facebook story broke, I had spoken with Timelines CEO Bob Armour about his level of concern that iOS was essentially folding in the feature sets of certain photo apps into its iOS 5 update. Armour made it clear that it’s community, and not feature sets, that would determine which apps rose to the top.

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