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    Smartcards Support

    Trouble in deleting a file in Smartcard

    Posted by Nagapradeep on Mar 13, 2010
    Hi sarath,


    I am trying to delete a file with 'E4' Command,But I am not able to delete it,I am getting 6985 Error(condition of use not satisfied),The command I am using is 00 E4 00 00 02 60 00,Could u plz help me in this regards.

    Thanks in Advance

    Replied by consultsarath on Mar 13, 2010


    The File Control Parameters (FCP) of the a smartcard file decide the conditions for its usage.  The FCP is actually the file header, which can be decoded into file type, size, address, and security settings. This would be in the form of a binary chunk of data with all these information written sequentially. Refer your smartcard file structure documentation for details for this data.

    In FCP, you have security attributes and security environments. Further security attributes are of two types - compact and expanded. The Security Attribute Compact (SAC) in it's first byte expresses the list of actions which are allowed and disallowed - Delete Self, Terminate, Activate, Deactivate, Create DF, Create EF, Delete child. There would be a certain number of bytes following, which are as many as the 1s in the flag byte, each denoting the condition to be met for the corresponding action. All conditions are listed in the Security Environment bytes. Please check if your delete command is administered by any of these conditions.

    The Security Attribute Expanded (SAE) works for commands - which are either allowed or disallowed. You can check these bytes also, of your delete command is included here.

    Hope this general information would help your understanding.


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