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    About ConsultSarath.com

    ConsultSarath.com is a team of software experts led by Sarath S, expert programmer consultant. Started as an independant consultant virtual office, ConsultSarath.com turned as a team of programming experts, and now has turned as a Software Development and resource outsourcing company by name TechNeurons Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd., located at Kakanad , Kerala (INDIA).

    Since 2009, we are providing highly rated programming services and technical support for our clients, both individual programmers as well as companies executing major projects. We are currently dealing with product developments and outsourced programming jobs on high-end Cloud Solutions. Our team has good expertise over Windows Azure, Google App Engine (Python), Amazon Web Services, etc.

    Over a short span of time we have served customers from several cities across the globe - New York, Rhode Islands, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Arizona, Tennessee, Washington (United States of America), London (United Kingdom), Stockholm (Sweden), Melbourne (Australia), Jakarta (Indonesia), New Delhi, Amritsar, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ernakulam, Chennai, Bhuvaneswar (India). We have developed software solutions as well as extended resource panels for our clients.

    Services Offered:

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    About Sarath S, Expert Programming Consultant

    Hi, I'm Sarath S, Programming Consultant from Ernakulam, India. I have good work experience as Senior Programmer and Project Architect with different organizations in South India. Since dawn of 2009, I have been practising as an Independant Programming Consultant on several client projects on e-Commerce, Content Management Systems, Management Information Systems, Mobile Apps, Cloud Solutions, Project Management Tools, etc.

    It's the 15th year since I started writing my first code on computer, which were simple games and utilities for DOS in 1997 using GWBASIC, and since then moved with every version of Visual Basic for Windows. As with work experience, I am quite comfortable with any programming language or technology - C, Java, C#, VB, and even some bits on Assembly language. My interests are now towards innovations in business application programming using advanced technologies.

    I started this full fledged web site in February 2010 as a technical blog and private discussion forum (fully developed from scratch using ASP.NET) and used this as a medium for marketing my services. I have posted few articles on the website, which drew good attraction in a very short period of time as well. Several prospects approached me through this medium, and many turned as good customers.

    Customers, both project and support, have always given excellent rating for my services, especially for quick logics and solutions, as well as good UI aesthetics. I have always been quick in adapting to technologies and programming languages.

    Our Capabilities

    Web Technologies
    • ASP.NET, ASP 3.0, PHP, jQuery, AJAX, Silverlight, XML Web Services and SOAP
    Programming Languages
    • VB.NET, C#.NET, PHP, C/C++
    Other Special Technologies
    • Google Maps API Programming, Bing Maps & Services API Programming
    Database Systems
    • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
    Mobile Platforms
    • Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, Android
    Special Environments
    • Smartcard (SCOSTA), Terminal Devices Firmware Programming
    We are experts in Cloud Computing Technologies. We can assist you to build high scalable business applications using Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SES, SNS, CloudFront), Windows Azure Platforms - Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure, Google App Engine using Python and Django Framework. We are Expert Programming Consultants available at affordable rates per hour. We work on several technologies - .NET, Python, Google App Engine, PHP, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services ...