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  • experienced programming consultants for hire !!!

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    Experienced Programming Consultants for Hire

    • Have a great website or software idea?
    • Do you need a programmer to work for few hours?
    • Are you looking for an expert programmer to solve a small programming issue?
    • Are you in need of a web developer to create a new website or modify an existing website?
    • Do you have a great software idea, but looking for a suitable technology partner to start with?

    ConsultSarath.com offers highly rated expert level programming services at low billing rates starting from US$ 10 per hour, depending on nature and weightage of the service. Please contact to request a quote for your project requirement.

    Class-A Services

    These are high level services for special requirements, and hourly rates range from US$36 to US$48.

    • Software Architecture Design, Software Requirements Specification
    • Database Design & Documentation
    • Project Analysis & Estimation
    • Remote Project Management, Resource Management, Project Guidance

    Read More - Software Architecture, Project Management...

    Class-B Services

    This list of services would include short or long term programming commitments with a formal contract. One or more dedicated programmers and other resources will be allocated as per client's requirement. The hourly rates range from US$16 to US$36.

    • Scalable Cloud Solutions using Amazon Web Services Platform, Amazon EC2 Instances, SES, SQS, S3 Storage Services
    • Python Programming, Django Web Applications
    • Cloud - Google App Engine Applications using Python/Django
    • Mobile Applications & Websites - Windows Mobile 5, 6, 7, Android, iPhone
    • Smartcard & Digital Signature Solutions
    • Special Multi-Tenant, Scalable Applications for Business Purposes
    • Server Administration & Server-Watch Services

    Class-C Services

    Generally for special requirements and short term. Dedicated resource pool will be allocated. Hourly rates range from $12 to $24

    • Specialized Systems Programming
    • Enterprise Resource Management & Planning Applications
    • Desktop Applications Programming
    • Unified Printing & Chip-Writing Solutions for Smartcard
    • GPS & Vehicle Tracking System Solutions

    General Services

    All general technical services, programming, website developments, etc. Hourly rates range from $10 to $18.

    • ASP.NET Web Application Developments
    • PHP Website Development
    • E-Commerce Websites using ASP.NET, PHP, Python
    • Database Programming - MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle
    • Online Payment - Payment Gateway Integrations
    • Content Management Systems
    • Web Graphic Design, Template Code Generation, CSS, jQuery Programming
    • Webmaster Services

    Project Handling & Features

    • Convenient, effective and active work collaboration using Google Talk, Skype, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and website chat.
    • Document collaboration using shared Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Box.net and Emails.
    • Remote assistance and demostrations using Windows Remote Desktop Connection, TeamViewer and GoToMeeting.
    • Project Management and Billing using Today@Office, oDesk, FreshBooks.
    • Easy payment options with PayPal, oDesk, 2CheckOut.com
    • Project Analysis by experienced business analysts using Today@Office
    • Free resource pool by effective load balancing management - programmers, web designers, content developers.

    Please contact with project details for a free detailed estimate for time and resources.

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    Other Services:

    We are experts in Cloud Computing Technologies. We can assist you to build high scalable business applications using Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SES, SNS, CloudFront), Windows Azure Platforms - Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure, Google App Engine using Python and Django Framework. We are Expert Programming Consultants available at affordable rates per hour. We work on several technologies - .NET, Python, Google App Engine, PHP, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services ...