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    Need expert help for your website?

      • Is your website not working as expected?
      • Do you want to add extra contents to your website?
      • Do you have formatting and design issues on your website?
      • Is your website not working properly on all browsers?
      • Do you need to fix your website for Firefox, Opera or Safari?
      • Are you looking for an expert assistance to make your website work properly?
      • Do you want to get your website running properly, but at a lesser cost?
      • Does your website need a new look or transformation?
      • Do you need a maintenance contractor or a web master to take care of your website?

    ConsultSarath.com now offers website maintenance support for you at a very low billing rate starting from $6 per hour. Whatever be your web technology - .NET, PHP, JSP, Perl, CGI, and if it does not work the way you want, or if it is not meeting with the current trends, experts at ConsultSarath.com can help you out to repair or update your website. We can help you in making graphic designs for your website, designing pages, programming the contents, or even hosting the site on fast and reliable server.

    Hire-a-Webmaster - Offshore Website Management

    Having a website is quite simple, but keeping your website active, healthy, and young is a long-term task. Outdated websites go down in search engine listings, and your visitors would narrow down. Ultimately the purpose of having a website is not met. Our integrated Webmaster services will provide you a dedicated or shared webmaster to give nanny care to your websites. Our service package includes regular ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities and updates.

    With just a call for support or email, your Webmaster with us can update your contents or images, add pages, correct issues, etc. Our charges are really flexible and economic, and can be tailored specially for you as per your exact needs.

    Webmaster Services

    • On-Demand Website Support - Billed on work hours - US$ 15.00 per hour onwards
    • On-Demand Graphic Designer - US$ 24.00 per hour
    • On-Demand Web Programmer - US$ 18.00 per hour
    • Shared Maintenance Contract - US$ 350.00 per month
    • Dedicated Webmaster - US$ 1500.00 per month

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    Other Services:

    We are experts in Cloud Computing Technologies. We can assist you to build high scalable business applications using Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SES, SNS, CloudFront), Windows Azure Platforms - Windows Azure and SQL Server Azure, Google App Engine using Python and Django Framework. We are Expert Programming Consultants available at affordable rates per hour. We work on several technologies - .NET, Python, Google App Engine, PHP, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services ...