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    News Channel - Latest Updates

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    Technology News Post   |  1845 views

    Yahoo wants to help people find mobile applications and information about them. On Thursday, the company is unveiling a feature in its search engine called App Search, as well as application search tools for Android and iPhone devices called AppSpot.

    Technology News Post   |  1810 views

    Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba will collaborate to push cloud computing and related services to infrastructure organizations, the companies said on Thursday

    Technology News Post   |  1728 views

    Malaysia's Communications and Multimedia Commission said that 51 websites in the .gov.my domain were attacked beginning late Wednesday, and that 41 of the sites suffered various levels of disruption.

    Technology News Post   |  1653 views

    With hundreds of different smartphone models and a growing number of tablets that run Google’s Android operating system, fragmentation continues to challenge. Some devices can run certain apps, while others can’t. Google begin taking steps to address this issue last year, and more recently, has added a new function to its web-based Android Market. Consumers can now see if an application is supported on their Android device.

    Technology News Post   |  1850 views

    Google is making more changes to its search algorithm, the company reportedly confirmed at the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle this week.

    Technology News Post   |  1688 views

    Connect, Compete, Improve. It's a mantra that doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but will soon become exceedingly familiar to the legion of Call of Duty fans around the globe.

    Technology News Post   |  1880 views

    Fans of Linux, Microsoft and Macs used to be able to search for information about those topics on Google using specialized search tools that narrowed the results to a focused set of highly relevant Web sites.

    Technology News Post   |  1782 views

    Firefox users have targeted by new scam that tries to load a user’s PC with fake antivirus software using a passably convincing version of the Windows Update page.

    Technology News Post   |  1732 views

    While debate rages on over the value of nonrelational, or NoSQL, databases, two case studies presented at a New York conference this week point to the benefits of using the MongoDB non-SQL data store instead of a standard relational database.

    Technology News Post   |  1621 views

    Google updated Chrome to version 12, adding a new tool that warns users when they've downloaded files from dangerous websites.

    Technology News Post   |  1758 views

      The Web's Cascading Style Sheets now can be rendered consistently across a large number of devices. The World Wide Web Consortium has updated its widely used specifications for formatting the look and feel of Web pages, a standard known as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). After almost a decade of work, the W3C's CSS Working Group has published CSS version 2.1 as an official specification. CSS 2.1 first became a W3C Candidate Recommendation in 2004.

    Technology News Post   |  1744 views

     Oracle has issued an update to Java SE that fixes a number of critical bugs in the widely used Internet software.

    Technology News Post   |  1654 views

    The hardcore PlayStation fans that stayed up late to catch Sony's E3 2011 conference were treated to loads of new game announcements, alongside the final reveal of the name and details on Sony's new handheld, to be called PlayStation Vita.

    Technology News Post   |  1854 views

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced an online cloud storage service called iCloud that's designed to make it simple to wirelessly share music, e-mail, photos, calendars, and other data between handheld gadgets and desktop computers.

    Technology News Post   |  1866 views

    NEW DELHI: Steve Ballmer's future in Microsoft may have become uncertain after a prominent hedge fund manager called for his resignation on Thursday, but that didn't stop the beefy, boisterous pal of Bill Gates from waxing eloquent about the tech industry's future.

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